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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Billiard Gloves – It’s Up to You

If your cue has a wooden shaft, if you never get sweaty hands when the pressure’s on, if you don’t have sensitive skin, if you’re not allergic to talc, or if you don’t mind getting chalk all over your bridge hand, the table, and yourself, you probably won’t be very interested in billiard gloves. But if any of these things are standing in the way of you playing a better game of pool, read on!

Fiberglass Cue Shafts

If your cue of choice has a fiberglass shaft, you might want to try a billiard glove. It will help cut down the resistance that results from any moisture or oily buildup on the shaft. If you use chalk to cut down on the resistance, you will need to use it all the time, along with a good fiberglass cleaner, which can get frustrating.


Moisture will make your hands sticky, and drag down your stroke. Since billiard gloves typically cover the thumb and first two finger, leaving the ring and pinky fingers uncovered, they can really help make that bridge hand more slippery. The gloves should fit as snugly as possible to cut down resistance. Since most of them are made of spandex and Lycra, and also come in several sizes, especially the Sir. Joseph brand, a tight fit isn’t difficult to achieve. One glove in particular comes all the way up to the wrist, with Velcro fasteners, which may help with stability.

Sensitive Skin

The chalk towers provided at most pool halls and at tournaments are made of talc, a common allergen. If you are allergic to talc, or if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, wearing a billiard glove can be an alternative. Talc can also act as an abrasive on table felt over time.

Chalk is Messy

Many players, especially women, are unenthusiastic about getting chalk all over their bridge hand. And after the heat of the game, most of us aren’t that glad we transferred that chalk onto our faces, arms, clothing and shoes. Gloves can help.

One thing to be aware of, if you’re a lefty, is that some of these gloves are only for the right handed, though for the most part they will work well on either hand. And they are not only for beginners. If you watch the professional pool players on TV, you will see some of the pros wearing a billiard glove. So the choice is yours, but you’ll never know unless you try one. Since most of them are reasonably priced, why not give one a try?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Level Best Wall Cue Rack

When you’re setting up a poolroom in your home, space is usually the biggest problem you’re going to face. If the billiards table you’re considering is an 8 foot model, usually measuring 44” x 88”, and you want to give yourself enough room for the stroke of your pool cue, for comfortable play the minimum room size is approximately 14 x 17-1/2 feet. With most homes, that’s a pretty large area to dedicate to one activity. But if playing pool is your passion, you’re going to find a way to do it. After finding the space to set up your table, and investing in a nice one, you’re going to want that space to be attractive and well organized. One thing that will help immensely is a cue rack. There are several different standard models available. There are floor-standing types, some of which have drawers for storing odds and ends (nice, if space isn’t an issue), corner units that could work for you if you’re not saving those corners for a bar or seating, more compact floor racks or a wall cue rack, which may be the answer, if space is really an issue.

There are many wall cue racks available, from basic racks that only hold cues to more elaborate ones that have storage for cues, racks, chalk and balls. Some of these wall racks are not only useful and space saving, but beautiful and decorative too. One very attractive option is The Level Best Wall Cue Rack. The design of this unit is very graceful, yet still functional. The overall dimensions for this are 37 inches wide by 52 inches in height, with a depth of only 4 inches. This model has room for 6 pool cues, billiard balls, chalk storage and pegs for hanging your racks.

After you’ve gone through all the trouble to set up your poolroom and purchase a table, you will probably want everything to match. This wall cue rack comes in 4 furniture grade finishes; Honey Maple, Classic Oak, Traditional Mahogany and Black, one of which is sure to complement the rest of the furnishings and your pool table.

There are many other nice additions that you can add to the walls of your poolroom that will enhance the décor without taking up any valuable space. Narrow shelves, mounted a bit higher that elbow height to avoid cue damage will work well for displaying sports trophies, memorabilia, model cars or odd old antique tools that are too cool to get rid of but nice to look at. Rock’n’Roll posters, neon bar signs (again, mounted high enough to avoid cue mishaps) or even a lovely Elvis on black velvet or poker playing dogs picture can add charm without taking up floor space.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Graphic Pool Cues

Are you thinking about buying a pool cue, but not sure if it is worth the investment. Owning your own pool stick can make a huge difference in how well you shoot. House sticks are rarely in good shape, and a damaged pool stick will effect your game. The graphic pool cues are a great choice because they are durable and made with quality materials.

Anyone that plays pool often, and enjoys billiards should have their own pool cue. If you are interested in improving your game or would like to play well enough to enter tournaments then you should have a personal pool stick. Shooting pool is a competitive sport that takes knowledge, skill and the right tools. The table and the balls used in a game have to be shared, but the pool cue a player uses can be personalized.

House sticks are used and abused by players; they get banged around, dropped and thrown. The shaft is usually warped or chipped, and the tip and ferrule are often worn-out, loose or non-existent. The condition of the pool stick a player shoots with is more important than the condition of the table they are playing on.

When you buy a new pool stick there are a few things you should consider; the shaft, the tip and ferrule size, and the weight. Look for quality materials and workmanship. Graphic pool cues are affordable, but well-made. They are available with stained, super Birds-Eye Maple forearms and butts. The wraps are made of double-pressed Irish linen, which provides a great grip. If you want more control and less deflection, up-grade to the PHX technology shaft, it is made of 100% North American Hard Rock Maple.

Pool players that own a pool cue are able to focus more on technique; rather than trying to pick the perfect stick from a house rack. Whether practicing basic stop and follow shots, or more advanced shots like cuts, side-spins or cue ball control players that own a pool cue are able to improve their game. A durable, good quality pool stick is an important part of learning and mastering the sport of billiards. Graphic pool cues are stylish, made with high-quality materials and a perfect choice.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nothing Says Perfection Like Predator

Predator Pool Cue
Playing pool is one thing but playing with a good pool cue can make all the difference in the world. Predator pool cues are the pool cues that can and will make that difference. Predator cues are made with the pool player in mind and allow one to have better accuracy when shooting pool.

One will find with a Predator pool cue the feel of the cue in their hand not only feels better but it also will help with better consistency. There are 10 wedge-shaped pieces that are laminated together to make the shaft. The weight at the tip of the shaft is less which helps with less deflection of the cue ball.

There are many different Predator cues to choose from with many different designs and colors. The Predator emblem can be seen on many of these cues. Each Predator pool cue is beautifully designed and wrapped in black to enhance the other features on them. A pool game is so much more enjoyable when you are using a good pool cue.

The only way to know how a Predator pool cue feels is to pick one up and perform the actions of the game yourself. You may never want to put it down. One will also find that a Predator cue adds more spin and there is less deflection to the cue ball which makes a game more exciting and less frustrating.

No matter if you play pool for fun or if you are a big competitive pool player, Predator pool cues are well worth checking out to feel the difference. Make every game you play a perfect game with a Predator cue.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Get The Premium Cue You Have Always Needed

Lucasi Hybrid--Shadow Silver Pool Cue
Lucasi Hybrid Pool cues are simply put - some of the BEST! Lucasi Hybrid cues utilize the best hybrid technology money can buy including; A Uni-Loc joint, zero flexpoint, The Total Sweet Spot Connection, G5 Grip technology, Lucasi's X-Shox dampening system, and an amazing lifetime warranty that even covers warping!

As any player will tell you, good pool cues help make the best pool player complete. Lucasi Hybrid pool cues easily fit in the "great" category. The Lucasi Hybrid offers several styles and price points to leave beginners or experts happy with their purchase. When talking about price, it is also good to note, that Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are known to play far beyond their cost, making their value superb.

Lucasi has been around since 1991, and has been a family run company from the very beginning. The founder, Jim Lucasi, was an avid pool player and wanted to be able to compete with competitors’ custom pool cues but at a value far better. Over 2 million pool players use Lucasi pool cues, many of which have adopted the Hybrid cues due to the vast innovation put into them.

Extensive R and D went in to making the Hybrid Pool cues an all around great cue. Lucasi figured out what technology could help make the cues the best possible, then put it all together to bring you a cue that offers the greatest accuracy, control, reduced vibration, lowered deflection, and the best comfort out there. Though relatively new to the market, they have delivered great reviews and generated well-earned hype due to it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Premier Brand for Premier Play

Viking pool cues have been manufactured to extremely high standards, using the best available materials and construction techniques since 1965. Pool cues manufactured by Viking are guaranteed to be 100 percent made in America by one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of billiards equipment.

Manufacturing Viking pool cues is a lengthy process, taking place over months to ensure the finished product is of the highest possible standard. Viking cues are manufactured from solid maple wood that is cured for two months before the final manufacturing techniques are completed in a temperature controlled environment. The butt of each cue is created from three solid pieces of wood joined together to ensure strength and balance. Amongst the innovations used on Viking cues are the weights inserted into the butt of each cue; each weight is threaded to allow weights to be inserted and removed for different required weights.

Each tip used on Viking pool cues is manufactured by Tiger and mounted on a resin ferrule. Viking cues ferrule has been designed for strength and durability; the resin is also fireproof to high temperatures. By teaming the high quality ferrule and Tiger tip, miscues are almost completely eliminated in pool cues manufactured by Viking.

Amongst Viking's innovations is the use of ultraviolet light to seal and polish the completed cue to a high polish that resembles glass. Each Viking manufactured cue is created with a joint dividing the cue into two pieces; each of the pool cues made by Viking has a screw joint that makes the cue feel more like a one piece cue instead of two. Once the manufacturing process is complete each cue is checked for quality and individually packaged for customers around the world.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucasi: Another Striking Cue

To stay on top of your pool game, you need to come to the table with the right equipment. When you reach a point where the worn out warped bar cue is just not making the grade any more, move onto the next level with a Lucasi Hybrid Cue.

Expert design and unrivaled craftsmanship enhances the accuracy of every shot while still being forgiving on those plays that are less than straight forward. Lucasi Hybrid pool cues have drawn upon the knowledge of the experts and utilized technology from varying fields of research to bring you the highest quality cue on the market. In collaboration with engineers and designers of leading golf clubs and manufacturers, Lucasi has been able to develop a cue that maintains both power and accuracy. The unique handling allows for a light grip without the worry of slippage. Memory foam grip beneath the outer layer of the cue significantly reduces shock during game play, extending the life of your pool game.

Extensive testing and development has resulted in a Lucasi Hybrid that utilizes a laminated tip that maintains good action with the cue ball. Weighted slightly forward on the shaft, the Lucasi Hybrid pool cues provide a solid and firm feel that is not overwhelming. By doubling the density of the wood used in construction, the confidence you can have in your cue sky rockets. Striking your shot with English becomes much more natural. The follow through with every shot is smooth and the tendency to bounce off the cue ball is greatly reduced. The tip holds chalk well and delivers when it comes to absolutely minimizing deflection consistently. The hybrid shaft works with the forearm and goes a long way in increasing the overall accuracy of long ball shots.

Lucasi has a history of being above the competition when it comes to pool cues and the elegant and attractive design gives it one more leg up. The variety of color and patterns are unique while not being too flashy. It is somewhat removed from the traditional design of cues, but serves as a welcomed feature when it comes to attracting the newest generation of players. Lucasi delivers quality pool cues for a reasonable price. They have developed a pool cue that is full of pleasant surprises in its performance, placing it as a standard among professional cues.