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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding The Right Balls For Your Table

Pools is a fun sport and gives individuals hours of fun and relaxation on a daily basis. However, the time may be less enjoyable if the wrong pool balls are being used on your pool table. In order to enjoy the sport, the correct balls needs to be used. Two of the most popular pool balls are Aramith pool balls and Sterling pool balls.

Aramith pool balls have the best reputation. They are the only balls that are made of pure phenolic resin which allows them to last a lot longer than just about any other pool ball. Other balls tend to be made of polyester and polymers which prevents them from lasting as long. Aramith pool balls tend to be resistant to heat, moisture, and impact. This is why this type of ball is used in almost every professional pool tournament or event.

Sterling pool balls have very high ratings as well. Many claim that they typically last for at least 10 years. Their weight, size and color are designed with strict adherence. They also tend to be free of friction and are perfectly round in order to roll perfectly every time. There are few brand names that have a better reputation than that of Sterling.

There are many other types of pool balls. However, none of them will have quite the reputation as good as a Sterling or Aramith ball. If one type of ball is chosen, it is recommended to choose an Aramith ball in order to make sure that full satisfaction is received during games on the pool table.


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