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Billiards Addiction

Monday, February 27, 2012

Going Above And Beyond

So it’s time to purchase a new pool cue. Maybe you are fairly new to shooting pool or perhaps you are a veteran player. A good place to start and end your search is with Lucasi Hybrid pool cues. The Lucasi Hybrid line is one of the most popular brands on the market today. There are many good reasons for investing in your own pool cue. Consistency with your stroke is number one. If you switch between sticks that are different weights and just plain feel differently, this will lead your shots astray. Bowlers have their own bowling balls, golfers have their own clubs. Your own equipment actually becomes an extension of you and together you can perform at your best. The Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are two-piece custom cues. The two-piece feature comes in handy if you travel around to play. The Lucasi Hybrid will have you going above and beyond your current skill level.

Some Models of Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues.

• Lucasi - Hybrid LHE30
• Lucasi - Hybrid LH40
• Lucasi - Hybrid LH50

These are beautiful cues with the finest tips and straightest shafts. They feature many patented technologies that will improve your game. The Zero Flex Point Ferrule gives you the accuracy desired with its polymer construction. Ultimate power and control is what you will get with the Total Sweet Spot for Ultimate Performance feature. This means the pool cue sports an 8-piece construction which essentially makes the whole shaft the “sweet spot”. X-Shox Dampening System utilizes shock absorbing foam. This significantly reduces vibration and you will notice the difference even on your power break. The G5 Grip Technology gives you excellent stability for notably increased ball control. There is no doubt that your game will improve using the Lucasi Hybrid pool cue. A final testament to their quality and craftsmanship is every Lucasi Hybrid pool cue comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that includes warpage! Take a test drive of one and see for yourself.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Made Just For A Woman

When playing a game of pool one needs to have the right equipment. Using pool equipment suited for the player only gives them more confidence while adding more comfort with every shot. Pool cues made for women are different than the standard pool cue. Not only does the proper pool cue help with your shot but a player wants to look good when playing.

The standard black and brown pool cue is out. These days there are all kinds of designs on the cues. Athena pool cues provide not only quality cues but have a vast array of designs anyone can choose from. One can choose from an Athena pool cue that has hearts or skulls depending on their personality.

Pool cues made for women are different than pool cues for men. There are brands that specialize in pool cues just for women. Athena pool cues are not only slimmer but are shorter in stature. This provides a better shot and a better fit for the average woman pool player. Another great perk is the cues come with an extension. This is helpful with certain shots that require a long reach.

The right pool cue for a woman is essential when playing against all types of people. One has to have proper equipment and the right tools to not only keep the professional look but to beat those guys at their own game. With Athena pool cues, one can look good and play better in any competition.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Billiard Gloves Make the difference between Winning and Losing

Years ago, billiard gloves didn’t exist; billiard players, both amateur and professional, washed and powdered their hands before each game. That necessity was troublesome, as it required cleanliness and dry skin at all times, thus forcing said players to split their concentration between their games and maintaining proper billiard etiquette. Not only was the wash-and-power process unreliable as far as ensuring thorough cleanliness, but the split focus maximized the risk of game error. Hand maintenance, therefore, was pointless as far as billiard strategy went.

Today, that problem has been solved with pool gloves. This garment eliminates any need for washing, although powder is important in keeping the fingers dry, as gloves typically do not cover the entire hand. Still, gloves make playing easier in many ways, as well as contribute an aesthetic quality to the game.

The use of such gloves, as intended by manufacturers, improves both skill and performance:

• They prevent dirt and skin oils from greasing the cue shaft, thus decreasing overall friction so the pool cue slides smoothly across the hand bridge. As a result, all shots are made easier and more precisely.
• They protect the felt from absorbing dirt and oils from the skin of the thumb, index and center fingers, which are the three primary digits used to form a hand bridge. Dirt and skin oils can ruin felt over time, and so the gloves provide a maintenance service to the pool table as well as the hands.
• They keep the wrists and knuckles firm for steady shooting.
• They allow for careful handling of the pool cue.

The above objectives make sense when one considers the design of pool gloves, which varies, depending on the company and brand. Although some gloves allow for the openness of all four fingers and thumb and focus on supporting only the wrist, most styles accommodate the closure of all but ring and pinky fingers, with a special leather grip material on the palm and a tight Velcro wrap lock for the wrist. Pool gloves come in a variety of colors, are reversible for optional appearance, and can be custom-made to personal needs and preferences. Each player is different, and so the make of the gloves reflects that diversity.

Still, every pair has enduring elasticity for optimal use. Regardless of the brand, players will get their best games and pool cue action while using billiard gloves. It will definitely make the difference between winning and losing.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perfect Play, Every Time

When choosing a pool cue for your home or business billiard table, a well made product, such as one made with a hard rock maple shaft, is most desirable.

Lucasi Classics pool cues are designed with perfect play in mind. With the perfect distribution of the weight of the hard rock maple shaft, these cues are loved by pros and casual players alike. Lucasi Classic pool cues are finely crafted and easy to hold.

These pool cues feel just right in the player's hand, not too heavy, not too light, with its weight in all the right places. Their engineers work to find just the right ergonomics for the comfort of the player's use and the best playing positions. Lucasi Classics are finely crafted in order to create the best piece of sporting equipment in this area of play.

Most often chosen by professionals, Lucasi Classics pool cues are both beautiful and functional. Their design feels right and plays right. They move freely between the player's fingers and its weight distribution is finely calculated. Available in a couple of sizes to accommodate many players, both casual and professional, Lucasi has found that hard rock maple makes for the most accurate and easy to maneuver pool playing. With so many types of wood in the world, Lucasi took the time and resources to find the one wood that outdoes the rest in this field of play. People want to play as hard as they work and do it right. Professional pool players, like all professional athletes, will settle for nothing less than the best.

Casual players also like fine, easy to use sports equipment. No other pool cue available can exceed the quality, look and feel of these finely made cues. They are designed for perfect play, every time. No other commercially made cue can boast that claim. No other pool cue is a Lucasi Classic.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Displaying Your Cues Has Never Looked So Good

You must have the perfect display rack to hold all of your billiard cues and accessories that go with your billiard table. There are many different types and styles of billiard cue racks to choose from such as a corner cue rack, a floor cue rack or wall cue racks. You will find a vast variety of each that are able to hold from 6 to 12 cues. You can also find racks that you can store your balls, chalk and rack on.

The wall cue rack can be purchased as one piece that is mounted on the wall as you would mount a shelf. Sterling and The Level Best offer a great selection of the wall cue racks that are available in oak, mahogany, black and cherry. These are capable of holding all of your balls, chalks and rack. They are available in a variety of styles to choose from with various prices. Other wall mounts can be purchased in two pieces that only hold the cues. They can also be purchased in oak, mahogany and black.

The floor cue racks by Sterling and The Level Best can also be found in various shades of oak and mahogany. You will also find that they offer models that can hold your balls, have drink holders for your beverages and score keepers. Models can also be found that will just hold your cue sticks. Corner cue racks that fit snuggly into the corner of your game room are another option that you may choose to have.

You will have no trouble finding the perfect rack for your billiard area or game room. You can choose something simple or you can choose a rack that is going to add a little style and class to your room. Whichever you choose, you will love how much it helps to complete your area as well as compliment your area.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Polishing Your Game Room

Most men enjoy having a special place in their home just for them to relax in. This is often called a game room or man cave. Women are not typically allowed to enter into the room but we can still add our own touches as we decide how the game room decor should be.

The game room decor should focus on what the man enjoys doing most. If the man enjoys playing pool the theme of the room should be centered around a billiard theme. This can be easily done and fairly cheap by adding a pool table clock or billiard clock as well as some cheap game room prints and posters.

Most pool table clocks and billiard clocks can be found at novelty stores and help maintain the idea of what the room is used for. The prints and posters should be framed to give the room a more polished look.

The main piece is the pool table or otherwise known as a billiard table. This table should be placed in the center of the room as the focal point. Seating should be off to the side or edges of the room. The seating should consist of comfortable and relaxing chairs, couches, or recliners.

Another big item where money should be spent is on the entertainment system. A plasma or LCD TV should be hung on the wall. While the men are shooting pool it is typical to have a game on. High definition and surround sound can be added as extras if the man desires.

Making the game room nice and comfortable keeps the man happy while the woman gets to enjoy decorating. This can create peace in the relationship as you can always send the man to his cave when he acts up and both parties are happy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pool Table Felt Reinvention Courtesy of Artscape

Many recognize pool as being a competitive game that brings together social interaction and a friendly, inviting atmosphere while shooting balls into pockets on the familiar, often scarred and often bland, green felt. The difference comes with Artscape felt designs and the company’s reinvention of pool table felt.

Artscape pool table felt has revolutionized how many see pool table felt. Pool can often be a contact game, with body parts, drinks, and other random oddities placed on the felt besides the usual balls and sticks. This can lead to spilled drinks and other situations which damage the felt, cause the felt not to fit appropriately, and end with a need to replace. Artscape pool table felt has solved many of these problems with the company’s trademarked Easy Fit and Spill Guard features. Spill Guard helps to prevent the damage drinks can have while keeping the felt cloth more maintainable and longer lasting. The Easy Fit system makes sure each pool table stays looking great and the surface remains playable with a cloth perfectly fitted for both American and English pool, though it is always suggested to use a specialist for any pool table maintenance.

Artscape offers a variety of designs in an increasing range of styles, images, and colors. From the traditional green felt with spackled designs, to the more inventive and vibrant colors to choose from, Artscape has a pool table cloth for anyone’s piqued interest.

Perhaps playing pool is not enough to generate an enlightened view of the pool table felt reinvention. Artscape felt designs delivers quality branded imaging for advertisement of products or businesses. Seeing rows of pool tables in a favorite bar or pub, or even other venues, with thousands of people daily playing pool across one of Artscape pool table felt designs could have an impact on any business, large and small. The company has opened this avenue for advertising. Artscape’s success in branded marketing , with both digital imaging and printing, brings a new life to pool table felt, but also delivers an advertising message to patrons the world over with many opportunities in Artscape felt designs.

To reinvigorate pool table felt everywhere, the company offers an online catalogue, information on professional installation, and product descriptions showcasing the designs and advertising potential, quality made cloth, and many other features that will appeal to pool tables both personal as well as commercial.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reasons to Use a Pool Table Cover to Protect Your Table

A pool table can be an expensive investment. It is very important to provide all of the protection that one can to keep it from getting damaged when it is not being used. Without the proper cover for a pool table, it is very easy for something to get knocked over onto it and that could potentially ruin the table. With the proper pool table cover, this will not be able to happen.

The price of pool table covers vary depending upon the type of cover and the size of the cover. Most people choose either a vinyl pool table cover or a leather pool table cover. A person will need to make sure that whatever type of pool table cover one gets that it will properly fit the table. If it does not fit properly, then it will not provide the protection that it should. Then, the pool table could still easily get damaged by any type of liquid getting knocked over on the table.

A vinyl pool table cover can also help to protect the table from pets. A cat could easily jump up on the table and scratch the wood or the cloth that the table has. This could completely ruin the whole pool table. With the properly fitting cover, it will not allow any pet to jump on the table and cause any damage.

A leather pool table cover may cost more than some of the other types of covers, but often they are better quality, thus making them last longer. If it is high quality, it will also help to provide better protection to the pool table.