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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Billiard Gloves Make the difference between Winning and Losing

Years ago, billiard gloves didn’t exist; billiard players, both amateur and professional, washed and powdered their hands before each game. That necessity was troublesome, as it required cleanliness and dry skin at all times, thus forcing said players to split their concentration between their games and maintaining proper billiard etiquette. Not only was the wash-and-power process unreliable as far as ensuring thorough cleanliness, but the split focus maximized the risk of game error. Hand maintenance, therefore, was pointless as far as billiard strategy went.

Today, that problem has been solved with pool gloves. This garment eliminates any need for washing, although powder is important in keeping the fingers dry, as gloves typically do not cover the entire hand. Still, gloves make playing easier in many ways, as well as contribute an aesthetic quality to the game.

The use of such gloves, as intended by manufacturers, improves both skill and performance:

• They prevent dirt and skin oils from greasing the cue shaft, thus decreasing overall friction so the pool cue slides smoothly across the hand bridge. As a result, all shots are made easier and more precisely.
• They protect the felt from absorbing dirt and oils from the skin of the thumb, index and center fingers, which are the three primary digits used to form a hand bridge. Dirt and skin oils can ruin felt over time, and so the gloves provide a maintenance service to the pool table as well as the hands.
• They keep the wrists and knuckles firm for steady shooting.
• They allow for careful handling of the pool cue.

The above objectives make sense when one considers the design of pool gloves, which varies, depending on the company and brand. Although some gloves allow for the openness of all four fingers and thumb and focus on supporting only the wrist, most styles accommodate the closure of all but ring and pinky fingers, with a special leather grip material on the palm and a tight Velcro wrap lock for the wrist. Pool gloves come in a variety of colors, are reversible for optional appearance, and can be custom-made to personal needs and preferences. Each player is different, and so the make of the gloves reflects that diversity.

Still, every pair has enduring elasticity for optimal use. Regardless of the brand, players will get their best games and pool cue action while using billiard gloves. It will definitely make the difference between winning and losing.


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