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Billiards Addiction

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Displaying Your Cues Has Never Looked So Good

You must have the perfect display rack to hold all of your billiard cues and accessories that go with your billiard table. There are many different types and styles of billiard cue racks to choose from such as a corner cue rack, a floor cue rack or wall cue racks. You will find a vast variety of each that are able to hold from 6 to 12 cues. You can also find racks that you can store your balls, chalk and rack on.

The wall cue rack can be purchased as one piece that is mounted on the wall as you would mount a shelf. Sterling and The Level Best offer a great selection of the wall cue racks that are available in oak, mahogany, black and cherry. These are capable of holding all of your balls, chalks and rack. They are available in a variety of styles to choose from with various prices. Other wall mounts can be purchased in two pieces that only hold the cues. They can also be purchased in oak, mahogany and black.

The floor cue racks by Sterling and The Level Best can also be found in various shades of oak and mahogany. You will also find that they offer models that can hold your balls, have drink holders for your beverages and score keepers. Models can also be found that will just hold your cue sticks. Corner cue racks that fit snuggly into the corner of your game room are another option that you may choose to have.

You will have no trouble finding the perfect rack for your billiard area or game room. You can choose something simple or you can choose a rack that is going to add a little style and class to your room. Whichever you choose, you will love how much it helps to complete your area as well as compliment your area.


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