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Monday, February 27, 2012

Going Above And Beyond

So it’s time to purchase a new pool cue. Maybe you are fairly new to shooting pool or perhaps you are a veteran player. A good place to start and end your search is with Lucasi Hybrid pool cues. The Lucasi Hybrid line is one of the most popular brands on the market today. There are many good reasons for investing in your own pool cue. Consistency with your stroke is number one. If you switch between sticks that are different weights and just plain feel differently, this will lead your shots astray. Bowlers have their own bowling balls, golfers have their own clubs. Your own equipment actually becomes an extension of you and together you can perform at your best. The Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are two-piece custom cues. The two-piece feature comes in handy if you travel around to play. The Lucasi Hybrid will have you going above and beyond your current skill level.

Some Models of Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues.

• Lucasi - Hybrid LHE30
• Lucasi - Hybrid LH40
• Lucasi - Hybrid LH50

These are beautiful cues with the finest tips and straightest shafts. They feature many patented technologies that will improve your game. The Zero Flex Point Ferrule gives you the accuracy desired with its polymer construction. Ultimate power and control is what you will get with the Total Sweet Spot for Ultimate Performance feature. This means the pool cue sports an 8-piece construction which essentially makes the whole shaft the “sweet spot”. X-Shox Dampening System utilizes shock absorbing foam. This significantly reduces vibration and you will notice the difference even on your power break. The G5 Grip Technology gives you excellent stability for notably increased ball control. There is no doubt that your game will improve using the Lucasi Hybrid pool cue. A final testament to their quality and craftsmanship is every Lucasi Hybrid pool cue comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that includes warpage! Take a test drive of one and see for yourself.


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