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Billiards Addiction

Friday, February 24, 2012

Made Just For A Woman

When playing a game of pool one needs to have the right equipment. Using pool equipment suited for the player only gives them more confidence while adding more comfort with every shot. Pool cues made for women are different than the standard pool cue. Not only does the proper pool cue help with your shot but a player wants to look good when playing.

The standard black and brown pool cue is out. These days there are all kinds of designs on the cues. Athena pool cues provide not only quality cues but have a vast array of designs anyone can choose from. One can choose from an Athena pool cue that has hearts or skulls depending on their personality.

Pool cues made for women are different than pool cues for men. There are brands that specialize in pool cues just for women. Athena pool cues are not only slimmer but are shorter in stature. This provides a better shot and a better fit for the average woman pool player. Another great perk is the cues come with an extension. This is helpful with certain shots that require a long reach.

The right pool cue for a woman is essential when playing against all types of people. One has to have proper equipment and the right tools to not only keep the professional look but to beat those guys at their own game. With Athena pool cues, one can look good and play better in any competition.


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