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Billiards Addiction

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perfect Play, Every Time

When choosing a pool cue for your home or business billiard table, a well made product, such as one made with a hard rock maple shaft, is most desirable.

Lucasi Classics pool cues are designed with perfect play in mind. With the perfect distribution of the weight of the hard rock maple shaft, these cues are loved by pros and casual players alike. Lucasi Classic pool cues are finely crafted and easy to hold.

These pool cues feel just right in the player's hand, not too heavy, not too light, with its weight in all the right places. Their engineers work to find just the right ergonomics for the comfort of the player's use and the best playing positions. Lucasi Classics are finely crafted in order to create the best piece of sporting equipment in this area of play.

Most often chosen by professionals, Lucasi Classics pool cues are both beautiful and functional. Their design feels right and plays right. They move freely between the player's fingers and its weight distribution is finely calculated. Available in a couple of sizes to accommodate many players, both casual and professional, Lucasi has found that hard rock maple makes for the most accurate and easy to maneuver pool playing. With so many types of wood in the world, Lucasi took the time and resources to find the one wood that outdoes the rest in this field of play. People want to play as hard as they work and do it right. Professional pool players, like all professional athletes, will settle for nothing less than the best.

Casual players also like fine, easy to use sports equipment. No other pool cue available can exceed the quality, look and feel of these finely made cues. They are designed for perfect play, every time. No other commercially made cue can boast that claim. No other pool cue is a Lucasi Classic.


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