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Billiards Addiction

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pool Table Felt Reinvention Courtesy of Artscape

Many recognize pool as being a competitive game that brings together social interaction and a friendly, inviting atmosphere while shooting balls into pockets on the familiar, often scarred and often bland, green felt. The difference comes with Artscape felt designs and the company’s reinvention of pool table felt.

Artscape pool table felt has revolutionized how many see pool table felt. Pool can often be a contact game, with body parts, drinks, and other random oddities placed on the felt besides the usual balls and sticks. This can lead to spilled drinks and other situations which damage the felt, cause the felt not to fit appropriately, and end with a need to replace. Artscape pool table felt has solved many of these problems with the company’s trademarked Easy Fit and Spill Guard features. Spill Guard helps to prevent the damage drinks can have while keeping the felt cloth more maintainable and longer lasting. The Easy Fit system makes sure each pool table stays looking great and the surface remains playable with a cloth perfectly fitted for both American and English pool, though it is always suggested to use a specialist for any pool table maintenance.

Artscape offers a variety of designs in an increasing range of styles, images, and colors. From the traditional green felt with spackled designs, to the more inventive and vibrant colors to choose from, Artscape has a pool table cloth for anyone’s piqued interest.

Perhaps playing pool is not enough to generate an enlightened view of the pool table felt reinvention. Artscape felt designs delivers quality branded imaging for advertisement of products or businesses. Seeing rows of pool tables in a favorite bar or pub, or even other venues, with thousands of people daily playing pool across one of Artscape pool table felt designs could have an impact on any business, large and small. The company has opened this avenue for advertising. Artscape’s success in branded marketing , with both digital imaging and printing, brings a new life to pool table felt, but also delivers an advertising message to patrons the world over with many opportunities in Artscape felt designs.

To reinvigorate pool table felt everywhere, the company offers an online catalogue, information on professional installation, and product descriptions showcasing the designs and advertising potential, quality made cloth, and many other features that will appeal to pool tables both personal as well as commercial.


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