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Billiards Addiction

Friday, March 30, 2012

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Awesome Game Room

Fellas, do you need a nice little getaway from your kids and your wife? Well, setting up your own game room is a quick answer to your problem!

It's actually not that hard to set up. All you really need is game room furniture, pool table, pool table furniture, and pool table lights for starters!

When it comes to game room furniture, you can always shop online or go to big electronic stores. You'll be able to get some cool chairs that recline and also have slots to hold your soda or candy in to make things a lot more comfortable. This is especially great when you have a bunch of friends over and you are either playing your favorite sports game or watching it on your big screen!

You can't have the furniture without the pool table. A pool table just says game room! It's the perfect way to get a good relaxing hour or two after a hard day or if you want to have some fun competition with friends. You don't need to go to a pool hall or somewhere, when you can bring that environment to your own house! These are very affordable nowadays, and you can even get them customized with your own name.

Simple things like bar setups, cue racks, and even bar stools are great forms of pool table furniture that not only helps with organize your setup, but makes it seem like you have your own hall or pub right in your basement or your fun house! Basically, you kill two birds with one stone in enhancing your whole game room! There are billiard stores online, such as Billiards Addiction, that will have exactly what you need from cue sticks, furniture, dart games to really set up your walls, and much more!

To make things a little sweeter, you have to get some pool table lights. You can go with more traditional lights that present a sense of class and old world feel towards the decor of your game room. Or you can go a bit a more modern with your favorite sports teams. This is a bit more customized, and let's your visitors know that this is your spot! Either way, the lights add a bit more of a nice touch to your overall room. These are just a few ways to help build an awesome game room.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Becoming A Pool All-Star: Find The Right Cue

To the novice, pool can seem like an easy game. Position the ball over the green felt table, hit it with the cue, and watch all the balls roll into the holes. However, pool takes practice and strategy. Those who want to master pool need to play the game frequently. They also need the right equipment. All pool cues are not equal. Cues come in different lengths, materials, and prices. Each person will have different needs in a cue. Finding the best pool cue is the easiest way to start excelling at pool.

Experience level matters when selecting a pool cue. Many beginners like using a soft tip when shooting pool. This lets them guide the shot better. This can be necessary for beginners to get the hang of shooting. Professionals tend to use hard tips because it lasts longer and will retain its shape more than a soft tip. Beginners also like to use a thicker tip because it is easy to control.

Many pool players like to use traditional wooden cues. Maple pool cues are one type of cue that is commonly selected. Maple pool cues offer the traditional feel and follow through that many pool players are used to. This means a player can feel the wood vibrate in their hands. Those who play enough will be able to tell if their shot was correctly aligned by the feel of the cue. Wood cues excel at providing this feature more than any other type.

Graphite pool cues are another popular type of cue. This newer cue will have a different texture and weight in a player's hand. Some players prefer graphite pool cues, but others are too distracted by the different feeling. It is harder to get a good feel with the graphite cute. However, the graphite cue has greater strength when breaking the balls apart. Many players prefer to use maple pool cues for regular play and graphite cues for break cues. This is a great way to combine the traditional aspects of pool with modern innovations.

When searching for the pool cues, consider one's individual needs and strengths. There are a variety of cues on the market. There are multiple sizes, widths, decorations, and materials to choose from. It can be easy to determine the right cue by playing frequently and determining which cues work best. Finding the right cue can turn anyone into a pool all-star.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Joss Pool Cues?

Serious pool players know the importance of a quality pool cue. This is why Joss Pool Cues, a company founded by Dan Janes, an ACA Hall of Fame cue-maker, is so widely popular. Each of these cues is made with a complete focus on quality materials, engineering and construction.

The lines current break cue, the Thor, is a prime example of the quality consumers can expect from Joss cues. Pool players can choose one of two options when purchasing this cue. The first Thor option is the Thor Hammer Light, a light-weight cue designed on the theory that a break cue should use high-speed velocity for the best break. The other options is the Thor Hammer Heavy, which is a heavy weight cue that uses higher mass to break the balls wide open to start the game. The style of break cue chosen is a personal one, but either of these will get the job done. Both feature a phenolic joint with a steel screw which may add up to 20% more speed to the ball of the tip of the cue. Both of these break cues also utilize the Joss layered tip which can withstand repeated breaks without deformation for long lasting success.

All Joss pool cues are made with Joss' full core technology. This means each core is made with Canadian rock maple that extends through the entire butt of the cue for stability and an elegant feel. Most of the Joss cues are produced with a high quality Irish Linen Wrap at no additional cost, though for true connoisseurs many cues can be purchased with a leather wrap for an additional cost. The designs on the cues are beautifully done, making each cue a nice conversation point as well as a competitive stick for any game.

Any of the Joss cues can be personalized with an engraving of the owner's name, or a custom design. These cues are well balanced, feel great in the hand, and tend to increase both game quality and enjoyment. With such a commanding focus on quality for each and every cue, added to the ability to customize and the elegant designs already in place, these masterpiece cues by a master of the game are a must have for serious players

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Rack Counts

Shooting pool is easily one of America's favorite pastimes. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But for those looking to get back to the basics of the game, and take a more serious angle, they need to understand that the rack counts.

Sloppy pool ball racks can have a negative impact on the game right from the break. The one who sets this rack up in the first place is liable to get a few raised eyebrows in their directions as well. So to combat this problem, players should learn that the rack does count.

8 Ball

This is one of the most common games played on the pool tables. An opponent breaks up the balls, and the players are pitted against each other hitting stripes or solids. The 8 ball rack for this game is in a triangle formation. Proper placement of the balls inside this 8 ball rack is etiquette often overlooked by more casual players. While it isn't entirely uniform, there are some traits to this rack that should be steady before all breaks.

In most racks, the one ball is placed in the apex of the triangle, and positioned over the dot on the table. The other two corners of the 8 ball rack are taken by one solid, and one stripe. This is almost a fairness gesture assuming that both balls could end up in the corner pockets after the break. And of course, the most important placement is the eight ball itself. This is lined up in the center of the rack, in the three ball row. Filling in the rest of the rack consists of alternating stripe and solid.

9 Ball

9 ball is a little bit trickier game, but equally fun. Here, the opponents square off against each other knocking the balls in by sequence of one through nine. This is a bit of an advanced skill game for pool players. Those who learn how to play this game, could certainly sharpen their pool player skills all around.

The 9 ball rack is different in design too. This rack resembles a diamond shape rather than a triangle. There is also some uniformity of the balls inside this 9 ball rack. Again, the one ball takes the apex position. The nine ball is placed in the middle of the rack. Outside of those rules, the rest the balls can be placed in any other fashion.

Whether it's nine ball or eight ball, shooting pool requires a precise skill set. But that doesn't just pertain to the one shooting the ball. It's also about being a good opponent and setting the pool ball racks up properly.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Right Lighting Can Descrease Distractions on the Pool Table

Illuminating a pool table can take several forms. In pool halls, common pool table lights can be simple ceiling fans with lighting or perhaps imitation cars and such. Many will utilize Sterling pool table lights in green, chrome, or bronze. The simple aesthetics of these lights give the table a sense of professionalism and class.

Sterling pool table lights are basically two-to-four separate light shades containing bulbs much like a standard table-top lamp without the stand. These shades are suspended above the pool table by a connecting rod that joins them all in an even manner. Lines or mounts connect this rod to the ceiling suspending each lamp shade in a perfectly even line. The length of these rods can be anywhere from 43-inches to as long as 71-inches or more. Two to four pool table lights may be connected to this rod depending on the length and personal preference.

These lights are excellent for serious and tournament play. The purpose of these shades is to illuminate the pool table and disregard the surrounding area. If the player is unable to see distractions while bearing down on the cue ball, he or she can maintain focus on the mathematics of making their shot. Even if the area around the pool table is illuminated by other means, these pool table lights are created in such a way to amplify the light coming from the bulbs within. Most of the time, the inside lining of these shades are coated with a white paint. Light reflects from the color white and is redirected outward to intensify the light emitted from the bulbs. If the player is inside this type of emitted light, lower levels of light on the outside seem subdued thus increasing concentration from distractions within line of sight.

Sterling pool table lights come in a variety of colors and sizes. Although most pool tables are green, chrome and bronze lighting strips can be obtained which are color neutral. These two colors will go very well with any color of table and can easily blend into most rooms. These affordable lights are easy to install and will increase the general ambiance of the room.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing On The Best

The game and sport of pool is far more than just a parlor game for many people, as serious enthusiasts spend years honing their skills in the game of pool. You want to make sure that when playing for both fun and for sport that you play on the best Strachan pool table cloth available. The use of the Strachan SuperPro cloth will help to ensure your game flows smoothly, you never experience bumps in the table and your game goes off in a flawless manner which is essential for proper play.

Pool players take their time in selecting the right cue, lining up shots just so and making sure to calculate each move. This can all be for naught when you are not playing on the best tabletop such as one covered with a Strachan pool table cloth. This can give you a smooth and taught playing area that will help to make your game more precise and be helpful when making hard shots, bank moves and even breaking is easier when the table utilizes a Strachan SuperPro cloth.

The right set up, such as a pool table with a Strachan SuperPro cloth on top, can make the game of pool more fun, relaxing and entertaining as you do not have to contend with rough, bumpy, lumpy or simply uneven surfaces which can throw even the most seasoned player off of their game. The use of the right Strachan pool table cloth is essential when you want to ensure gamers can have the best table possible when they get down to the business of playing serious pool.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Viking Pool Cues

Since 1965, Viking Pool Cues have been providing strong, quality pool cues. Over 40 years later, Viking has become synonymous with premium, top of the line pool cues. Viking's lasting influence is owed largely to its top quality components and high standards of excellence. Because Viking manufactures 99% of its own parts, customers can be assured that from top to bottom, their pool cue will be made with the best parts.

Every Viking Pool Cue comes with an Everest Tip by Tiger that is bonded together with a custom made ferrule, guaranteed to never crack or stain. Attached to the ferrule is a solid maple shaft. Solid maple pool cues provide strong, solid hits with the least amount of deflection. Maple pool cues have become a standard of the industry, largely due to the innovations and standards set by Viking.

The butt of each cue is allowed to cure for a minimum of 2 months before it is brought into the final stage of production. This ensures its long lasting integrity. Viking's shafts are just another example of the care and precision put into each one of their products. A Viking shaft is hand graded a minimum of 3 times and cured for at least 2 years. This process ensures a high quality wood density and a perfect straightness of the wood grain.

Whether you are purchasing a top of the line V174 series or a more modestly priced V103-GR, Viking maintains it's strict standards of quality control and assures a lifetime warranty. The process that goes into making a single pool cue can take years to finish; no step in the process is rushed or done lackadaisically. When you purchase a Viking Pool Cue, you are buying a top of the line pool cue that will last a lifetime. All Viking Pool cues are 100% American made.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Of The Line Pool Cues

For the serious pool player looking for the highest quality pool cues, nothing beats Meucci Pool Cues. These are absolutely THE best pool cues that any pool player can own. Superiority describes this line; built for optimum handling balance, weight, and power.

These cues are built to last forever. They warranty the cues for one year for any defects in cue material or craftsmanship. All their cues are made from very fine hardwood, with impeccable grain selection. Meucci cues always have the best color and Irish linen shaft wrapping. Meucci Originals has been top quality cues for 25 years, and have been perfecting their trade the whole time.

They boast their products as having the least deflection of any brand. The new Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Flat-Laminated Performance Cue Shaft made with a stunning stack 35 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple lamination's outdoes other company's shafts by at least 50% less deflection and sports plenty of power. The shafts are made right here in the USA, not in China like some other competitor's shafts. Meucci also offers cue repair services for all facets of the cue.

They realize that it is not just performance which is needed but also aesthetics that the player desires. This is evidenced by their series of cues. With 83 selections to choose from, the highest standards are adhered to with the utmost care given to each cue. Meucci Pool Cues truly are the top of the line every time. Take it from the professionals who year after year attest that the best pool cues they ever used come from Meucci.