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Billiards Addiction

Monday, March 26, 2012

Becoming A Pool All-Star: Find The Right Cue

To the novice, pool can seem like an easy game. Position the ball over the green felt table, hit it with the cue, and watch all the balls roll into the holes. However, pool takes practice and strategy. Those who want to master pool need to play the game frequently. They also need the right equipment. All pool cues are not equal. Cues come in different lengths, materials, and prices. Each person will have different needs in a cue. Finding the best pool cue is the easiest way to start excelling at pool.

Experience level matters when selecting a pool cue. Many beginners like using a soft tip when shooting pool. This lets them guide the shot better. This can be necessary for beginners to get the hang of shooting. Professionals tend to use hard tips because it lasts longer and will retain its shape more than a soft tip. Beginners also like to use a thicker tip because it is easy to control.

Many pool players like to use traditional wooden cues. Maple pool cues are one type of cue that is commonly selected. Maple pool cues offer the traditional feel and follow through that many pool players are used to. This means a player can feel the wood vibrate in their hands. Those who play enough will be able to tell if their shot was correctly aligned by the feel of the cue. Wood cues excel at providing this feature more than any other type.

Graphite pool cues are another popular type of cue. This newer cue will have a different texture and weight in a player's hand. Some players prefer graphite pool cues, but others are too distracted by the different feeling. It is harder to get a good feel with the graphite cute. However, the graphite cue has greater strength when breaking the balls apart. Many players prefer to use maple pool cues for regular play and graphite cues for break cues. This is a great way to combine the traditional aspects of pool with modern innovations.

When searching for the pool cues, consider one's individual needs and strengths. There are a variety of cues on the market. There are multiple sizes, widths, decorations, and materials to choose from. It can be easy to determine the right cue by playing frequently and determining which cues work best. Finding the right cue can turn anyone into a pool all-star.


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