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Billiards Addiction

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Rack Counts

Shooting pool is easily one of America's favorite pastimes. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But for those looking to get back to the basics of the game, and take a more serious angle, they need to understand that the rack counts.

Sloppy pool ball racks can have a negative impact on the game right from the break. The one who sets this rack up in the first place is liable to get a few raised eyebrows in their directions as well. So to combat this problem, players should learn that the rack does count.

8 Ball

This is one of the most common games played on the pool tables. An opponent breaks up the balls, and the players are pitted against each other hitting stripes or solids. The 8 ball rack for this game is in a triangle formation. Proper placement of the balls inside this 8 ball rack is etiquette often overlooked by more casual players. While it isn't entirely uniform, there are some traits to this rack that should be steady before all breaks.

In most racks, the one ball is placed in the apex of the triangle, and positioned over the dot on the table. The other two corners of the 8 ball rack are taken by one solid, and one stripe. This is almost a fairness gesture assuming that both balls could end up in the corner pockets after the break. And of course, the most important placement is the eight ball itself. This is lined up in the center of the rack, in the three ball row. Filling in the rest of the rack consists of alternating stripe and solid.

9 Ball

9 ball is a little bit trickier game, but equally fun. Here, the opponents square off against each other knocking the balls in by sequence of one through nine. This is a bit of an advanced skill game for pool players. Those who learn how to play this game, could certainly sharpen their pool player skills all around.

The 9 ball rack is different in design too. This rack resembles a diamond shape rather than a triangle. There is also some uniformity of the balls inside this 9 ball rack. Again, the one ball takes the apex position. The nine ball is placed in the middle of the rack. Outside of those rules, the rest the balls can be placed in any other fashion.

Whether it's nine ball or eight ball, shooting pool requires a precise skill set. But that doesn't just pertain to the one shooting the ball. It's also about being a good opponent and setting the pool ball racks up properly.


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