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Billiards Addiction

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Right Lighting Can Descrease Distractions on the Pool Table

Illuminating a pool table can take several forms. In pool halls, common pool table lights can be simple ceiling fans with lighting or perhaps imitation cars and such. Many will utilize Sterling pool table lights in green, chrome, or bronze. The simple aesthetics of these lights give the table a sense of professionalism and class.

Sterling pool table lights are basically two-to-four separate light shades containing bulbs much like a standard table-top lamp without the stand. These shades are suspended above the pool table by a connecting rod that joins them all in an even manner. Lines or mounts connect this rod to the ceiling suspending each lamp shade in a perfectly even line. The length of these rods can be anywhere from 43-inches to as long as 71-inches or more. Two to four pool table lights may be connected to this rod depending on the length and personal preference.

These lights are excellent for serious and tournament play. The purpose of these shades is to illuminate the pool table and disregard the surrounding area. If the player is unable to see distractions while bearing down on the cue ball, he or she can maintain focus on the mathematics of making their shot. Even if the area around the pool table is illuminated by other means, these pool table lights are created in such a way to amplify the light coming from the bulbs within. Most of the time, the inside lining of these shades are coated with a white paint. Light reflects from the color white and is redirected outward to intensify the light emitted from the bulbs. If the player is inside this type of emitted light, lower levels of light on the outside seem subdued thus increasing concentration from distractions within line of sight.

Sterling pool table lights come in a variety of colors and sizes. Although most pool tables are green, chrome and bronze lighting strips can be obtained which are color neutral. These two colors will go very well with any color of table and can easily blend into most rooms. These affordable lights are easy to install and will increase the general ambiance of the room.


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