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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Of The Line Pool Cues

For the serious pool player looking for the highest quality pool cues, nothing beats Meucci Pool Cues. These are absolutely THE best pool cues that any pool player can own. Superiority describes this line; built for optimum handling balance, weight, and power.

These cues are built to last forever. They warranty the cues for one year for any defects in cue material or craftsmanship. All their cues are made from very fine hardwood, with impeccable grain selection. Meucci cues always have the best color and Irish linen shaft wrapping. Meucci Originals has been top quality cues for 25 years, and have been perfecting their trade the whole time.

They boast their products as having the least deflection of any brand. The new Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Flat-Laminated Performance Cue Shaft made with a stunning stack 35 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple lamination's outdoes other company's shafts by at least 50% less deflection and sports plenty of power. The shafts are made right here in the USA, not in China like some other competitor's shafts. Meucci also offers cue repair services for all facets of the cue.

They realize that it is not just performance which is needed but also aesthetics that the player desires. This is evidenced by their series of cues. With 83 selections to choose from, the highest standards are adhered to with the utmost care given to each cue. Meucci Pool Cues truly are the top of the line every time. Take it from the professionals who year after year attest that the best pool cues they ever used come from Meucci.


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