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Monday, March 5, 2012

Viking Pool Cues

Since 1965, Viking Pool Cues have been providing strong, quality pool cues. Over 40 years later, Viking has become synonymous with premium, top of the line pool cues. Viking's lasting influence is owed largely to its top quality components and high standards of excellence. Because Viking manufactures 99% of its own parts, customers can be assured that from top to bottom, their pool cue will be made with the best parts.

Every Viking Pool Cue comes with an Everest Tip by Tiger that is bonded together with a custom made ferrule, guaranteed to never crack or stain. Attached to the ferrule is a solid maple shaft. Solid maple pool cues provide strong, solid hits with the least amount of deflection. Maple pool cues have become a standard of the industry, largely due to the innovations and standards set by Viking.

The butt of each cue is allowed to cure for a minimum of 2 months before it is brought into the final stage of production. This ensures its long lasting integrity. Viking's shafts are just another example of the care and precision put into each one of their products. A Viking shaft is hand graded a minimum of 3 times and cured for at least 2 years. This process ensures a high quality wood density and a perfect straightness of the wood grain.

Whether you are purchasing a top of the line V174 series or a more modestly priced V103-GR, Viking maintains it's strict standards of quality control and assures a lifetime warranty. The process that goes into making a single pool cue can take years to finish; no step in the process is rushed or done lackadaisically. When you purchase a Viking Pool Cue, you are buying a top of the line pool cue that will last a lifetime. All Viking Pool cues are 100% American made.


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