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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Joss Pool Cues?

Serious pool players know the importance of a quality pool cue. This is why Joss Pool Cues, a company founded by Dan Janes, an ACA Hall of Fame cue-maker, is so widely popular. Each of these cues is made with a complete focus on quality materials, engineering and construction.

The lines current break cue, the Thor, is a prime example of the quality consumers can expect from Joss cues. Pool players can choose one of two options when purchasing this cue. The first Thor option is the Thor Hammer Light, a light-weight cue designed on the theory that a break cue should use high-speed velocity for the best break. The other options is the Thor Hammer Heavy, which is a heavy weight cue that uses higher mass to break the balls wide open to start the game. The style of break cue chosen is a personal one, but either of these will get the job done. Both feature a phenolic joint with a steel screw which may add up to 20% more speed to the ball of the tip of the cue. Both of these break cues also utilize the Joss layered tip which can withstand repeated breaks without deformation for long lasting success.

All Joss pool cues are made with Joss' full core technology. This means each core is made with Canadian rock maple that extends through the entire butt of the cue for stability and an elegant feel. Most of the Joss cues are produced with a high quality Irish Linen Wrap at no additional cost, though for true connoisseurs many cues can be purchased with a leather wrap for an additional cost. The designs on the cues are beautifully done, making each cue a nice conversation point as well as a competitive stick for any game.

Any of the Joss cues can be personalized with an engraving of the owner's name, or a custom design. These cues are well balanced, feel great in the hand, and tend to increase both game quality and enjoyment. With such a commanding focus on quality for each and every cue, added to the ability to customize and the elegant designs already in place, these masterpiece cues by a master of the game are a must have for serious players


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