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Billiards Addiction

Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing a Lasting Impression with McDermott Pool Cues

Since 1975,yeahh the McDermott Company has produced millions of customized pool cues for individuals that enjoy the game or play the game in tournaments. For many of the critical billiards players out there, owning any of the McDermott pool cues is a step in the expert direction. Unlike many manufacturers, McDermott is well-known for producing quality pool cues for beginner, intermediate, or expert players. These cues are persistently boosting the efficiency of the players and their expectations for what they previously assumed to be a high end cue.

The wood that is utilized to make many of the cues in the McDermott G-Series is hand chosen from a variety of the very best wood across the globe. Majority of the wood that is used is aged anywhere between 24 and 80 months before it is used in the manufacturing process. During the creation process, the wood is brought in from its current location and used to make impressions of the original mold. Once this is done each individual cue is then hand-stained with high quality pigmentation. McDermott pool cues are completely customizable. Therefore, you will impress the crowds with the uniqueness of your individual cue.

For many years the McDermott Company has marketed specialized handcrafted pool cues for their returning customers and beginners. The McDermott G-Series as well as other well-known products are found in some of the high stakes pool tournaments that are aired nationally. McDermott is a name that you recognize when you are seeking quality and comfort in purchasing any billiard products because of their quality development, amazing wood and stains, elaborate inlays, and their unrestricted custom made models.

When searching for the perfect pool cue, McDermott is definitely one of the first stops that you must make with their variety of colors and styles. There is something for everyone and every style. Presently there are sixteen wrap choices, nine stain choices, nine paint choices, engravings, and much more is left to be desired.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting The Perfect Shot

As any avid pool player can tell you, getting the perfect shot is a combination of math and skill. Whether you're a bar room shooter or a semi-professional that put in hours and hours on your home table, you have to work hard and long before you can develop that perfect shot in pool. Of course it also helps having the best possible equipment, and that's where Lucasi Hybrid pool cues come onto the scene.

Lucasi Hybrid pool cues, like the Lucasi Hybrid zero flexpoint low deflection shaft or the Lucasi Hybrid zero flex slim low deflection shaft, can be a major edge for any player that's looking to fill the pockets smoothly. These cues provide you with a lightweight shaft that fits smoothly in your hand and which will give you a firm, straight striking surface when you line up your shot. Additionally the ferule on the Lucasi Hybrid zero flexpoint low deflection shaft helps to ensure that you get a firm, smooth impact every time; provided of course that your hands stay steady.

When it comes down to getting the perfect shot it's important that you weigh your cue against practice and skill. Because in the end, pool is just like any other sport, and if you aren't familiar with the equipment that you're using, then your chances of doing well go down quite a bit. However, if you have high quality equipment that you can practice with on a regular basis then you'll have all the benefits of a strong cored, light weight cue that you're familiar with, and which you can sink regular shots over and over again. So while it won't necessarily win you the game, a Lucasi Hybrid zero flexpoint low deflection shaft or a Lucasi Hybrid zero flex slim low deflection shaft can help insure that you have the best possible tool to bring your game to the next level.

Monday, April 9, 2012

About The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Jump Cue

The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog, also known as The Jumper, is a pool cue designed to make jump shots easier than ever before. It has many advanced features that can improve the pool playing experience for players of all levels.

The first of these features is the shock absorbing X-Shox Dampening System. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact felt by players when the cue makes contact with a ball. A normal pool cue will vibrate in the hands of most players after strong impact. This is not the case with this popular model in the well known line of Lucasi Hybrid pool cues.

The strength of the cue is another main advantage of the Air Hog. The ferrule is constructed of extremely strong carbon fiber and is able to handle the hardest hitting shots a player can take. This is a great feature as the most impressive jump shots often require a powerful shot impact.

Lucasi Sweet Spot technology is used on the tip of the cue to create the largest area possible for perfect shot impact. Regular cues require a precisely placed impact for a jump shot to occur. This is why few players can make the shot consistently. The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Sweet Spot is large enough at 14 millimeters so anyone can show off their jump shot skills easily. It helps players to achieve the perfect height on their jump shot every time.

Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are also known for their innovative G5 Grip technology. The Air Hog boasts an S-shaped pattern on its handle that helps players to maintain a steady grip during each shot they take. Stability and control during a jump shot attempt are extremely important and this feature makes a big difference.

Cue quickness is another feature that players commonly look for in a jump cue. This requires a cue of the proper length and low weight. The Air Hog fits these needs perfectly with a total length of only 42 inches and a weight between 7 and 8 ounces.

The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog is a must have item for those looking to make high and accurate jump shots. It has every feature needed for players of all levels to make these impressive shots on a consistent basis.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Big One

For serious billiard players, it's all about having the right equipment. The correct pool cue makes a huge difference in a player's game because if it is even a little off balance or warped, every shot is compromised. The best pool player in the world will perform well below their skills with an inadequate cue. A cue needs to be durable, lightweight and possess just the right amount of style to showcase its performance. Big Beulah 2 from Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues is a master breaking cue among the mediocre and a force to be reckoned with.

A quick glance at Big Beulah 2 and its black finish may lead the untrained eye to believe it is just another stock cue and nothing worth noting. Upon closer inspection though, one can see that the black finish is glossy and smooth and meant to slide easily through the hand. The G5 grip technology features a uniquely patterned texture that provides unbeatable precision and control of the stability of a player's shot. The Lucasi Hybrid eight section radial shaft features a warp resistant moisture and is solid enough to convey full power from the first break to the hundredth break. Super Size Sweet Spot, or S4 technology has been designed to release the full force of the stroke through the extremely durable tip and carry that energy into the break.

This cue also features a four piece cue butt that minimizes unwanted vibration and improves the accuracy of each and every careful shot. Shock absorbing memory foam is integral in the cue's X-shox system and this further eliminates vibration and eases undo stress on the arm. The ferrule of this centerpiece for Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues is constructed of carbon fiber which insures that the cue is extremely durable and comfortably lightweight. There is so much technology inside this simple looking cue, competitors have no idea what they are up against.

Anyone in the market for a new breaking cue or just looking to improve their break must take Big Beulah 2 into serious consideration. The Lucasi Hybrid core, the finish, the unique grip and the unbeatable tip performance are without rival on the market today. Even the most skilled billiard player can benefit from having this cue in their arsenal of equipment and it will give great benefits to their game, skills and confidence. The right equipment insures a player's best performance.