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Monday, April 9, 2012

About The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Jump Cue

The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog, also known as The Jumper, is a pool cue designed to make jump shots easier than ever before. It has many advanced features that can improve the pool playing experience for players of all levels.

The first of these features is the shock absorbing X-Shox Dampening System. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact felt by players when the cue makes contact with a ball. A normal pool cue will vibrate in the hands of most players after strong impact. This is not the case with this popular model in the well known line of Lucasi Hybrid pool cues.

The strength of the cue is another main advantage of the Air Hog. The ferrule is constructed of extremely strong carbon fiber and is able to handle the hardest hitting shots a player can take. This is a great feature as the most impressive jump shots often require a powerful shot impact.

Lucasi Sweet Spot technology is used on the tip of the cue to create the largest area possible for perfect shot impact. Regular cues require a precisely placed impact for a jump shot to occur. This is why few players can make the shot consistently. The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Sweet Spot is large enough at 14 millimeters so anyone can show off their jump shot skills easily. It helps players to achieve the perfect height on their jump shot every time.

Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are also known for their innovative G5 Grip technology. The Air Hog boasts an S-shaped pattern on its handle that helps players to maintain a steady grip during each shot they take. Stability and control during a jump shot attempt are extremely important and this feature makes a big difference.

Cue quickness is another feature that players commonly look for in a jump cue. This requires a cue of the proper length and low weight. The Air Hog fits these needs perfectly with a total length of only 42 inches and a weight between 7 and 8 ounces.

The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog is a must have item for those looking to make high and accurate jump shots. It has every feature needed for players of all levels to make these impressive shots on a consistent basis.


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