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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Big One

For serious billiard players, it's all about having the right equipment. The correct pool cue makes a huge difference in a player's game because if it is even a little off balance or warped, every shot is compromised. The best pool player in the world will perform well below their skills with an inadequate cue. A cue needs to be durable, lightweight and possess just the right amount of style to showcase its performance. Big Beulah 2 from Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues is a master breaking cue among the mediocre and a force to be reckoned with.

A quick glance at Big Beulah 2 and its black finish may lead the untrained eye to believe it is just another stock cue and nothing worth noting. Upon closer inspection though, one can see that the black finish is glossy and smooth and meant to slide easily through the hand. The G5 grip technology features a uniquely patterned texture that provides unbeatable precision and control of the stability of a player's shot. The Lucasi Hybrid eight section radial shaft features a warp resistant moisture and is solid enough to convey full power from the first break to the hundredth break. Super Size Sweet Spot, or S4 technology has been designed to release the full force of the stroke through the extremely durable tip and carry that energy into the break.

This cue also features a four piece cue butt that minimizes unwanted vibration and improves the accuracy of each and every careful shot. Shock absorbing memory foam is integral in the cue's X-shox system and this further eliminates vibration and eases undo stress on the arm. The ferrule of this centerpiece for Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues is constructed of carbon fiber which insures that the cue is extremely durable and comfortably lightweight. There is so much technology inside this simple looking cue, competitors have no idea what they are up against.

Anyone in the market for a new breaking cue or just looking to improve their break must take Big Beulah 2 into serious consideration. The Lucasi Hybrid core, the finish, the unique grip and the unbeatable tip performance are without rival on the market today. Even the most skilled billiard player can benefit from having this cue in their arsenal of equipment and it will give great benefits to their game, skills and confidence. The right equipment insures a player's best performance.


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