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Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing a Lasting Impression with McDermott Pool Cues

Since 1975,yeahh the McDermott Company has produced millions of customized pool cues for individuals that enjoy the game or play the game in tournaments. For many of the critical billiards players out there, owning any of the McDermott pool cues is a step in the expert direction. Unlike many manufacturers, McDermott is well-known for producing quality pool cues for beginner, intermediate, or expert players. These cues are persistently boosting the efficiency of the players and their expectations for what they previously assumed to be a high end cue.

The wood that is utilized to make many of the cues in the McDermott G-Series is hand chosen from a variety of the very best wood across the globe. Majority of the wood that is used is aged anywhere between 24 and 80 months before it is used in the manufacturing process. During the creation process, the wood is brought in from its current location and used to make impressions of the original mold. Once this is done each individual cue is then hand-stained with high quality pigmentation. McDermott pool cues are completely customizable. Therefore, you will impress the crowds with the uniqueness of your individual cue.

For many years the McDermott Company has marketed specialized handcrafted pool cues for their returning customers and beginners. The McDermott G-Series as well as other well-known products are found in some of the high stakes pool tournaments that are aired nationally. McDermott is a name that you recognize when you are seeking quality and comfort in purchasing any billiard products because of their quality development, amazing wood and stains, elaborate inlays, and their unrestricted custom made models.

When searching for the perfect pool cue, McDermott is definitely one of the first stops that you must make with their variety of colors and styles. There is something for everyone and every style. Presently there are sixteen wrap choices, nine stain choices, nine paint choices, engravings, and much more is left to be desired.


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