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Billiards Addiction

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pure Player

Pool is a difficult game to master. Even if you do have all of the requisite skills in math, physics and hand eye coordination, you still need to have the right equipment for the game otherwise it's very likely that your shots will being going more than a little bit awry. That's where Players pool cues come in, and if you want the best quality stick that you can get, you should set your sights on the Players HXT-P1 Pure X Jump Break pool cue.

What is it that makes the Players HXT-P1 Pure X Jump Break pool cue such a good stick that it makes it worth remembering that long and complex designation? Well the design utilizes a carbon fiber impact system, making sure that these extremely tough, nearly indestructible fibers are placed in such a way that you have the maximum amount of stiffness and power to your shot, ensuring that what you put in will come out in a hard, straight blast during any break. With a little bit of practice and getting used to the grip, you can get a hard, straight shot that goes right where you want it every time.

This is what makes the HXT one of the best choices as far as Players pool cues go, and really for pool cues in general. Even the finest wood cues have to be created from what nature provided, and that doesn't always mean that you have a straight grain or that over time you won't develop a warp to the left or the right. So instead of trying to make something perfect out of an imperfect stock, Players pool cues just decided to make a cue out of their own materials and to form it exactly how they wanted it to be. Straight, strong and durable in ways that nothing else will ever really match. The perfect tool for the perfect game.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pool- Getting A Jump On The Competition

It started in the United States centuries ago, pool --also known as pocket billiards, has become a favorite past time and sport. In fact, pool has become a much loved game for the novice and the professional worldwide.

Most people know the game has a certain element of precision and skill that must be mastered to play well. Considering that the break is the most important shot for any pool player, having the right pool cue is a very important tool. That is why using Players Jump Break Pool Cue is a great choice for the start of any quality game. For the expert and the novice, having the right weight and power behind a pool cue can be a very important part of any successful game. A players pool cues can make or break the game.

Because of the strategic difficulties in the game making an investment in a good break cue or a Players Jump Break Pool Cue can truly be one of the best investments a pool player can make. Certainly, having special cues that are designed for pool break shots and jump shots can mean the difference between winning a game or losing a game.

More often than not, players find that when they had the right cue for a successful break shot or a good jump shot cue, it significantly increased their chances of making a good shot, or getting out of a pinch during difficult play. When weighing out the choices, Players Pool Cues are the perfect answer to get the kind of power and play they are looking for. It has long been known that the player that can drop a ball in a pocket on the break, overall, has a much better chance of winning the game than does any other player.

However, it should also be noted that any lead in advantage can be easily blown without the right cue to use throughout the game. That is why having a good jump break cue is also very important for successful game play. When those difficult and seemingly impossible shots, come up, a good jump break cue is essential. The very design of the cue is made to help players get out of those tough blocked shots. These cues are designed for those moments when the ball the player is trying to reach, is blocked behind another ball. These situations are exactly the reason these cues were designed and invented. During the tough game moments such as this scenario, the Players Jump Break cue is the only cue of choice for many professionals. It can help the player get over the blocked ball and allow them to make their next shot with maximum success.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Aramith Pool Balls

Every billiards player knows that having high quality equipment is the key to a good game of pool. High quality pool balls should always be used in order to ensure a game goes smoothly. Sure, anyone can buy some cheap billiards balls from an average store, but this will take away quality from the game. Having good quality equipment is not just good for the game, it also makes a game more interesting and fun for people playing and watching each billiards game. If pool players want the best pool balls available, then they need to invest in a set of Aramith pool balls.

Aramith pool balls are high quality billiards balls that are very popular among all billiards players. These balls do not come in a one size fits all style. Billiards Addiction offers amazing discounts on various Aramith pool ball products and sets. Billiards Addiction's also offers a great selection of different Aramith pool ball sets. There are tournament sets available for professional pool players. There is a glow in the dark set that is great for parties, bars and clubs. Billiards Addiction even offers a unique camouflage Aramith set that is perfect for a truly unique game of pool. Our website has a special offer that allows buyers to purchase a convenient, sleek pool cue and ball case as well. This case is perfect for pool players who travel to tournaments or local establishments to play billiards. If players want the best equipment imaginable, then they need to invest in Aramith pool balls.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fierce Competition : Great Cues for Serious Players

Many people that are outside the competitive pool and billiards scene think of these sports as a very boring and recreational type game with no real physical exertion or skill required. However, anyone who has spent any real time watching or interacting with a professional pool or billiards player knows that this is simply not the case. Pool can be a very cutthroat sport where the slightest error can result in a total loss, and the skills that are required by the sport are very easy to learn but extremely difficult to master.

Because of this minuscule margin of error that exists in the sport, having the right tools is absolutely crucial. Far too many people simply ignore what kind of pool cue that they use in their day-to-day, and then they can't figure out how exactly they are losing as many matches as they are. Without getting some of the best cues that the industry offers, one would be behind in competition and perhaps never realize why exactly they were failing miserably so consistently, and instead attribute it to their perceived lack of skill, which can lead to massive groups of people never bothering with the sport.

Of course, people leaving the sports is the last thing hardcore pool and billiards players want, as the necessity for fresh players is crucial to keeping the competitive scene alive in the long term. Therefore, they've created a pool cue that is perfect for both professionals and amateurs who want to have the best pool cues that money can buy. Predator pool cues have led a huge technological revolution in the world of pool, in particular the Predator Ikon 2 cues and the Predator P3 cues. Before the predator pool cues came onto the scene, many pros and amateurs alike would struggle with their control on a regular basis, but since their introduction, pool cues have underwent a revolution of sorts.

No matter which Predator cue that one chooses, whether it is the Predator Ikon 2 cues or one of the Predator P3 cues, they can be rest assured that they have purchased one of the best pool cues available on the market today, and that their game is about to become exponentially better and certainly more fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing Says Perfection Quite Like Simonis

For those that enjoy cue sports, whether you like to shoot a game of 8 ball with your friends or you prefer more serious billiards, the pool table felt that you're playing on is a very important part of your game. While some players will worry over the quality of the balls and just what material the cue sticks are made out of, it's the felt that sets the playing field for your game and it needs to be smooth and durable if you intend on playing game after game, year after year. So, if you want the best cloth you can get, invest in Simonis cloth for your pool table.

What makes Simonis cloth so unique is that it is produced by the only textile mill in the world that specializes in pool table felt. Simonis felt has been made in Belgium for over 300 years, and this particular felt is made from worsted wool. This particular type of wool renders a felt that is durable, attractive and which is of the very highest quality. Not all tables come standard with Simonis felt, but you can often request it when purchasing a table if you want to invest in a quality product that you won't have to have replaced very often.

In addition to being such a high quality felt with such a long tradition, Simonis produces billiard table felt in a wide variety of colors and shades. So, while the standard green might be just fine for you, there are other options available as well. Perhaps you feel that red would be a much better color to play on, or you'd prefer something in a darker brown? This gives you the option to fully customize your table in ways that will be unconventional, and that will suit you and your particular tastes. It also allows you to customize your table so that it fits with the decor of your home and your gaming room.

In the end, nothing says perfection and quality like Simonis. It's been the celebrated standard of the highest bar of expectation in the world of pool tables, even being used for competition tables, that the name has become a benchmark. So if you want to invest in quality, a Simonis felt playing field might be just the thing to make your pool table truly stand out and ensure that your game is always best.