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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing Says Perfection Quite Like Simonis

For those that enjoy cue sports, whether you like to shoot a game of 8 ball with your friends or you prefer more serious billiards, the pool table felt that you're playing on is a very important part of your game. While some players will worry over the quality of the balls and just what material the cue sticks are made out of, it's the felt that sets the playing field for your game and it needs to be smooth and durable if you intend on playing game after game, year after year. So, if you want the best cloth you can get, invest in Simonis cloth for your pool table.

What makes Simonis cloth so unique is that it is produced by the only textile mill in the world that specializes in pool table felt. Simonis felt has been made in Belgium for over 300 years, and this particular felt is made from worsted wool. This particular type of wool renders a felt that is durable, attractive and which is of the very highest quality. Not all tables come standard with Simonis felt, but you can often request it when purchasing a table if you want to invest in a quality product that you won't have to have replaced very often.

In addition to being such a high quality felt with such a long tradition, Simonis produces billiard table felt in a wide variety of colors and shades. So, while the standard green might be just fine for you, there are other options available as well. Perhaps you feel that red would be a much better color to play on, or you'd prefer something in a darker brown? This gives you the option to fully customize your table in ways that will be unconventional, and that will suit you and your particular tastes. It also allows you to customize your table so that it fits with the decor of your home and your gaming room.

In the end, nothing says perfection and quality like Simonis. It's been the celebrated standard of the highest bar of expectation in the world of pool tables, even being used for competition tables, that the name has become a benchmark. So if you want to invest in quality, a Simonis felt playing field might be just the thing to make your pool table truly stand out and ensure that your game is always best.


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