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Billiards Addiction

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pure Player

Pool is a difficult game to master. Even if you do have all of the requisite skills in math, physics and hand eye coordination, you still need to have the right equipment for the game otherwise it's very likely that your shots will being going more than a little bit awry. That's where Players pool cues come in, and if you want the best quality stick that you can get, you should set your sights on the Players HXT-P1 Pure X Jump Break pool cue.

What is it that makes the Players HXT-P1 Pure X Jump Break pool cue such a good stick that it makes it worth remembering that long and complex designation? Well the design utilizes a carbon fiber impact system, making sure that these extremely tough, nearly indestructible fibers are placed in such a way that you have the maximum amount of stiffness and power to your shot, ensuring that what you put in will come out in a hard, straight blast during any break. With a little bit of practice and getting used to the grip, you can get a hard, straight shot that goes right where you want it every time.

This is what makes the HXT one of the best choices as far as Players pool cues go, and really for pool cues in general. Even the finest wood cues have to be created from what nature provided, and that doesn't always mean that you have a straight grain or that over time you won't develop a warp to the left or the right. So instead of trying to make something perfect out of an imperfect stock, Players pool cues just decided to make a cue out of their own materials and to form it exactly how they wanted it to be. Straight, strong and durable in ways that nothing else will ever really match. The perfect tool for the perfect game.


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