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Billiards Addiction

Friday, June 1, 2012

Become Outlawed

A serious pool player needs a serious pool cue of their own to use for competitive play. An experienced pool player knows better than to rely on the shoddy, cheap cues found on the rack at the local pool hall. Outlaw pool cues takes its product as seriously as good pool player's take their game. That's why Outlaw pool cues elevate a player's pool game to an entirely different level. These high quality pool cues are not only well crafted for optimum playing ability, but also emit a hard-edged style unlike any other on the market.

Outlaw has put out many different pools cues, each with their own unique look and feel. All Outlaw pool cue models have a 13 millimeter black rubber triangle tip, a stainless steel collar and joint all on a 29 inch shaft made of various high-quality woods. All the pools cues unique designs are branded by hand with a blowtorch and come with the Outlaw logo etched on a sleek stainless steel plate. Just looking at the super detailed cues makes for an intimidating experience. And despite the high level of quality in these cues, they are sold at completely affordable prices.

There are many different Outlaw pool cues, such as the Outlaw OL12 Branded Rose made with a hardrock maple shaft for only 145 dollars. The Outlaw OL20 Cherry Stained Branded Pool Cue is another good choice with its slick reddish tint for 155 dollars. Outlaw also sells high quality cases for their cues, as well as signature white pool balls. All of Outlaw's products are beaming with coolness, but underneath the aesthetic is a sturdy feeling of quality that maximizes its users playing potential. The attention to detail in these quality cues shows on all levels, from the highly precise detail in the blowtorch art in the shafts to the quality of the woods used to make the cues.


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