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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Equipment You Need To Make A Difference In Your Game

It's a pretty standard thing that, whichever game you happen to be playing, you need the proper equipment. For instance, if you like to play tennis and want to be able to maximize your playing potential, then you probably need the proper gear - tennis shoes, a good tennis racquet, sweatbands, and so on. The same holds true for just about every game or sport that you want to play. Here, we'll be discussing billiards, or, more broadly speaking, cue sports.

Billiards - which for the sake of brevity will cover all the cue sports under its umbrella - for those who may not know, is a game in which one uses a special stick, called a cue, to hit certain balls around a special table. In some variations, the balls are knocked into holes in the table. In some, they are just knocked around in various ways, with points being awarded for certain plays. Regardless of the game, however, they all require more or less the same basic billiard supplies.

For starters, there are billiard gloves. These are gloves specifically designed to enhance the shot accuracy and facility of the billiard player, with design features that cater towards this. Billiard gloves are designed to only cover a couple of the fingers.

There are a number of other billiard supplies that facilitate good playing. For instance, in order to shoot properly, it is sometimes necessary to use billiard chalk. Billiard chalk reduces the friction both on the shooting groove on the hand and on the cue tip. Another set of accessories that make the game better is pool table lights. Pool table lights serve the dual purpose of providing more targeted lighting than a regular light and of bringing an atmosphere of competitiveness with it.

An interesting accessory that is also a welcome addition to your pool set is the pool table bridge. The pool table bridge, sometimes called the "granny" stick, is a special cue with a tip that enables you to shoot in situations where you ordinarily wouldn't be able to do so. For instance, you are enabled to make a shot that, due to your height, you may not have been able to make otherwise. Or, alternately, you can use the bridge cue to make a shot that you may not have been able to do with the straightness needed to make the shot.


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