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Billiards Addiction

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unleash the Fury with Fury Pool Cues

From amateur pool players to professionals on the touring circuit, Fury pool cues have been consistently delivering some of the best performance around. Fury is the manufacturer of durable, dependable and powerful pool cues that span a wide range of prices, styles, components and skill levels. Whether someone is trying to brush up on their game around the house with quality instruments or take their performance to the next level against top competition, Fury are some of the best pool cues money can buy.

Fury pool cues come from one of numerous product lines within the company. All offer something different in terms of material used, feel in the hand and hitting power and control. But all Fury products keep the quality and durability the company has come to be known for. Fury uses only top-of-the-line hardwoods to craft their pool cues. Each piece is inspected and properly treated before it is cut and shaped into a cue. The goal is to create the "hit" that makes these some of the best pool cues commercially available. By inspecting each step of the cue-building process, Fury can ensure that even though the pieces of wood are unique, the feel and performance of the cue remains as high as possible between every product. Whether it's an amateur-level Fury cue bought for under 100 dollars, or the professional-grade line for more than $500, the hit and quality will be noticeably top-notch.

What sets Fury apart from other manufacturers is the time the company puts into customizing every pool cue. From the entry-level DL models to the limited edition professional lines, each Fury cue is made with the specific player in mind. Design details like colorful inlays and patterns can be customized. Special lines feature themes like musical designs, all-natural wood construction and leather binding. And in all of the design changes and customization, the quality of the materials and high-end performance delivered by the finished cue is never compromised. Whichever model is chosen, the player has the feeling and confidence that they can unleash the fury with every shot on these Fury pool cues.


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