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Billiards Addiction

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Best Pool Table Accessory Kits

Add functionality and style to a classic pool table with the best pool table accessory kits available on the market. There are many billiard sets to choose from, ranging greatly in price and quality. Most sets include combinations of cue balls, racks, pool cues, a maintenance kit, and chalk. Find a kit that matches the theme and style of the game room where the pool table will be set up.

Pool cues

Look for a cue that is hardwood, with rubber handle bumpers and a leather tip. Most accessory kits come with two or four standard pool cues and additional ones for a particular shot and style should be purchased separately.

Pool balls and racks

Some accessory kits come with a set of pool balls and a rack; the pro series kits do not come with pool balls so you will need to buy those separately. The classic design with solids and stripes is standard, but many kits offer a custom design of marble swirl patterns or themed balls. Double-check to make sure the balls are regulation size and weight.

Maintenance accessories

In addition to chalk, a brush, and bridge, look for an accessory kit that comes with a cue repair kit. Some may also include a tally bar and shaker, plus a nylon cover.

Prices for pool table accessory kits

Depending on style and quality, kits can range from $50.00 to as high as $450.00 for a deluxe set. Some accessory kits come free with the purchase of the table itself.

Be sure to pick an accessory kit that receives good reviews for durability and quality. The game of pool is made a lot harder when the players must resort to cheap and poorly made cues. The accessory kit is as important a purchase as the table itself.


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