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Billiards Addiction

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucasi: Another Striking Cue

To stay on top of your pool game, you need to come to the table with the right equipment. When you reach a point where the worn out warped bar cue is just not making the grade any more, move onto the next level with a Lucasi Hybrid Cue.

Expert design and unrivaled craftsmanship enhances the accuracy of every shot while still being forgiving on those plays that are less than straight forward. Lucasi Hybrid pool cues have drawn upon the knowledge of the experts and utilized technology from varying fields of research to bring you the highest quality cue on the market. In collaboration with engineers and designers of leading golf clubs and manufacturers, Lucasi has been able to develop a cue that maintains both power and accuracy. The unique handling allows for a light grip without the worry of slippage. Memory foam grip beneath the outer layer of the cue significantly reduces shock during game play, extending the life of your pool game.

Extensive testing and development has resulted in a Lucasi Hybrid that utilizes a laminated tip that maintains good action with the cue ball. Weighted slightly forward on the shaft, the Lucasi Hybrid pool cues provide a solid and firm feel that is not overwhelming. By doubling the density of the wood used in construction, the confidence you can have in your cue sky rockets. Striking your shot with English becomes much more natural. The follow through with every shot is smooth and the tendency to bounce off the cue ball is greatly reduced. The tip holds chalk well and delivers when it comes to absolutely minimizing deflection consistently. The hybrid shaft works with the forearm and goes a long way in increasing the overall accuracy of long ball shots.

Lucasi has a history of being above the competition when it comes to pool cues and the elegant and attractive design gives it one more leg up. The variety of color and patterns are unique while not being too flashy. It is somewhat removed from the traditional design of cues, but serves as a welcomed feature when it comes to attracting the newest generation of players. Lucasi delivers quality pool cues for a reasonable price. They have developed a pool cue that is full of pleasant surprises in its performance, placing it as a standard among professional cues.


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