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Billiards Addiction

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Premier Brand for Premier Play

Viking pool cues have been manufactured to extremely high standards, using the best available materials and construction techniques since 1965. Pool cues manufactured by Viking are guaranteed to be 100 percent made in America by one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of billiards equipment.

Manufacturing Viking pool cues is a lengthy process, taking place over months to ensure the finished product is of the highest possible standard. Viking cues are manufactured from solid maple wood that is cured for two months before the final manufacturing techniques are completed in a temperature controlled environment. The butt of each cue is created from three solid pieces of wood joined together to ensure strength and balance. Amongst the innovations used on Viking cues are the weights inserted into the butt of each cue; each weight is threaded to allow weights to be inserted and removed for different required weights.

Each tip used on Viking pool cues is manufactured by Tiger and mounted on a resin ferrule. Viking cues ferrule has been designed for strength and durability; the resin is also fireproof to high temperatures. By teaming the high quality ferrule and Tiger tip, miscues are almost completely eliminated in pool cues manufactured by Viking.

Amongst Viking's innovations is the use of ultraviolet light to seal and polish the completed cue to a high polish that resembles glass. Each Viking manufactured cue is created with a joint dividing the cue into two pieces; each of the pool cues made by Viking has a screw joint that makes the cue feel more like a one piece cue instead of two. Once the manufacturing process is complete each cue is checked for quality and individually packaged for customers around the world.


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