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Friday, October 26, 2012

Get The Premium Cue You Have Always Needed

Lucasi Hybrid--Shadow Silver Pool Cue
Lucasi Hybrid Pool cues are simply put - some of the BEST! Lucasi Hybrid cues utilize the best hybrid technology money can buy including; A Uni-Loc joint, zero flexpoint, The Total Sweet Spot Connection, G5 Grip technology, Lucasi's X-Shox dampening system, and an amazing lifetime warranty that even covers warping!

As any player will tell you, good pool cues help make the best pool player complete. Lucasi Hybrid pool cues easily fit in the "great" category. The Lucasi Hybrid offers several styles and price points to leave beginners or experts happy with their purchase. When talking about price, it is also good to note, that Lucasi Hybrid pool cues are known to play far beyond their cost, making their value superb.

Lucasi has been around since 1991, and has been a family run company from the very beginning. The founder, Jim Lucasi, was an avid pool player and wanted to be able to compete with competitors’ custom pool cues but at a value far better. Over 2 million pool players use Lucasi pool cues, many of which have adopted the Hybrid cues due to the vast innovation put into them.

Extensive R and D went in to making the Hybrid Pool cues an all around great cue. Lucasi figured out what technology could help make the cues the best possible, then put it all together to bring you a cue that offers the greatest accuracy, control, reduced vibration, lowered deflection, and the best comfort out there. Though relatively new to the market, they have delivered great reviews and generated well-earned hype due to it!


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