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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nothing Says Perfection Like Predator

Predator Pool Cue
Playing pool is one thing but playing with a good pool cue can make all the difference in the world. Predator pool cues are the pool cues that can and will make that difference. Predator cues are made with the pool player in mind and allow one to have better accuracy when shooting pool.

One will find with a Predator pool cue the feel of the cue in their hand not only feels better but it also will help with better consistency. There are 10 wedge-shaped pieces that are laminated together to make the shaft. The weight at the tip of the shaft is less which helps with less deflection of the cue ball.

There are many different Predator cues to choose from with many different designs and colors. The Predator emblem can be seen on many of these cues. Each Predator pool cue is beautifully designed and wrapped in black to enhance the other features on them. A pool game is so much more enjoyable when you are using a good pool cue.

The only way to know how a Predator pool cue feels is to pick one up and perform the actions of the game yourself. You may never want to put it down. One will also find that a Predator cue adds more spin and there is less deflection to the cue ball which makes a game more exciting and less frustrating.

No matter if you play pool for fun or if you are a big competitive pool player, Predator pool cues are well worth checking out to feel the difference. Make every game you play a perfect game with a Predator cue.


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