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Billiards Addiction

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Graphic Pool Cues

Are you thinking about buying a pool cue, but not sure if it is worth the investment. Owning your own pool stick can make a huge difference in how well you shoot. House sticks are rarely in good shape, and a damaged pool stick will effect your game. The graphic pool cues are a great choice because they are durable and made with quality materials.

Anyone that plays pool often, and enjoys billiards should have their own pool cue. If you are interested in improving your game or would like to play well enough to enter tournaments then you should have a personal pool stick. Shooting pool is a competitive sport that takes knowledge, skill and the right tools. The table and the balls used in a game have to be shared, but the pool cue a player uses can be personalized.

House sticks are used and abused by players; they get banged around, dropped and thrown. The shaft is usually warped or chipped, and the tip and ferrule are often worn-out, loose or non-existent. The condition of the pool stick a player shoots with is more important than the condition of the table they are playing on.

When you buy a new pool stick there are a few things you should consider; the shaft, the tip and ferrule size, and the weight. Look for quality materials and workmanship. Graphic pool cues are affordable, but well-made. They are available with stained, super Birds-Eye Maple forearms and butts. The wraps are made of double-pressed Irish linen, which provides a great grip. If you want more control and less deflection, up-grade to the PHX technology shaft, it is made of 100% North American Hard Rock Maple.

Pool players that own a pool cue are able to focus more on technique; rather than trying to pick the perfect stick from a house rack. Whether practicing basic stop and follow shots, or more advanced shots like cuts, side-spins or cue ball control players that own a pool cue are able to improve their game. A durable, good quality pool stick is an important part of learning and mastering the sport of billiards. Graphic pool cues are stylish, made with high-quality materials and a perfect choice.


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