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Billiards Addiction

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Level Best Wall Cue Rack

When you’re setting up a poolroom in your home, space is usually the biggest problem you’re going to face. If the billiards table you’re considering is an 8 foot model, usually measuring 44” x 88”, and you want to give yourself enough room for the stroke of your pool cue, for comfortable play the minimum room size is approximately 14 x 17-1/2 feet. With most homes, that’s a pretty large area to dedicate to one activity. But if playing pool is your passion, you’re going to find a way to do it. After finding the space to set up your table, and investing in a nice one, you’re going to want that space to be attractive and well organized. One thing that will help immensely is a cue rack. There are several different standard models available. There are floor-standing types, some of which have drawers for storing odds and ends (nice, if space isn’t an issue), corner units that could work for you if you’re not saving those corners for a bar or seating, more compact floor racks or a wall cue rack, which may be the answer, if space is really an issue.

There are many wall cue racks available, from basic racks that only hold cues to more elaborate ones that have storage for cues, racks, chalk and balls. Some of these wall racks are not only useful and space saving, but beautiful and decorative too. One very attractive option is The Level Best Wall Cue Rack. The design of this unit is very graceful, yet still functional. The overall dimensions for this are 37 inches wide by 52 inches in height, with a depth of only 4 inches. This model has room for 6 pool cues, billiard balls, chalk storage and pegs for hanging your racks.

After you’ve gone through all the trouble to set up your poolroom and purchase a table, you will probably want everything to match. This wall cue rack comes in 4 furniture grade finishes; Honey Maple, Classic Oak, Traditional Mahogany and Black, one of which is sure to complement the rest of the furnishings and your pool table.

There are many other nice additions that you can add to the walls of your poolroom that will enhance the décor without taking up any valuable space. Narrow shelves, mounted a bit higher that elbow height to avoid cue damage will work well for displaying sports trophies, memorabilia, model cars or odd old antique tools that are too cool to get rid of but nice to look at. Rock’n’Roll posters, neon bar signs (again, mounted high enough to avoid cue mishaps) or even a lovely Elvis on black velvet or poker playing dogs picture can add charm without taking up floor space.


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